Time to get the Show on the Road

Well Hello Everyone!!
Ryan and I decided to get a blog started because we have so much exciting things going on in our life right now! We hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Today was a beautiful sunday! We went to church we watched licensed to wed, we played at the park with Ginger and we watched the classic sunday golf !!! We love sundays! Were new at this whole blogging thing so if you have any suggested we'd love em. Anyways we have been busy planning our wedding. Our wedding will be on October 9th 2010. That is approximately 3 months and 19 days.. i think. We are thrilled the reception will be held at the Grand ballroom in Bountiful, and we will be sealed at the Salt Lake Temple early that day. There is still plenty to do, but our engagements pictures will be taken on July 20th. We will keep you all updated Enjoy.